Saturday, 27 June 2009

Navigation Lane Aqueduct nr Walsall

Navigation Lane Aqueduct
Tame Valley Canal

Well, I think it is called Navigation Lane aqueduct as it crosses a lane of that name! It continued to provide access to a small group of modern houses, hemmed in by a dual carriageway and the canal embankment. I am happy to stand corrected.
Navigation Lane Aqueduct - southern perspective
This is another no nonsense cast iron trough set atop tall buttresses made of Staffordshire blue bricks. Typical of its type, the cast ironwork has some interesting raised features which helps it stand out from the ordinary. Function came before form on this canal!
Navigation Lane Aqueduct - northern perspective
This structure is somewhat leaky, with water streaming from either end and running into the drains in a constant gurgle.

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