Friday, 12 June 2009

Avon Aqueduct, Warwick

Avon Aqueduct

A graceful three arch aqueduct, built to carry the Warwick and Napton Canal (now the Grand Union) over the currently non navigable Higher Avon.
Records exist which suggest that the Avon used to be navigable "nearly as far as Warwick", but this route has long since vanished and upstream boaters are now halted by a wier a couple of miles above Stratford bridge.

There are longstanding plans to restore navigation on the Avon up to this point, and then connect to the Grand Union either via four locks, or a boat lift type structure. This would provide a wide beam route between the southern and the Avon / Seven cruising areas. This plan is unpopular with some local landowners (including the National Trust), so I don't expect to see this vision realised anytime soon.


  1. what fascinates me most is the difference of how is viewed the use of rivers in our countries. While everything here is pollution, without the use of transport, then in England there are a visual and practical treatment of the rivers waters. I am astonished with the resurgence of the Thames. I love to come visit your blog.

  2. Sylvia
    Thank you for your comments. A lot of effort has been invested into cleaning up our rivers and the results show in the wildlife they contain. We may not use them for serious commercial traffic any more but they are a major recreational feature of our landscape.