Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Cromford Railway Aqueduct

High Peak Railway Aqueduct (south)
Cromford Canal

Courtesy of Wickepedia - the only photo from the vantage point of the live track.

During restoration @1973

This third Aqueduct on the Cromford is of yet another design. This later addition, built by Stephenson in 1850 to cross the newly built High Peak railway line, is a single span cast iron trough which continues to hold water, more or less. At the time of our visit in Feb 2009, it has been de-watered and stanked off for repairs, exposing a most impressive plug hole!

Captain Ahab's own collection

An unremarkable aqueduct but look out for the top of the balustrade, made of a surplus section if railway line. Whilst not spectacular, this aqueduct has also achieved ancient monument status.

Railway Aqueduct (north)
The structure originally had a twin at the northern portal of the same railway tunnel, carrying the half mile Nightingale Arm over the track. Today the gap is spanned by a narrow footbridge, but the resting point for either end of the trough can clearly be seen in the brick abutments. Sadly, I can find no photographic records of this aqueduct, which was probably removed in the 1930's.

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