Saturday, 4 July 2009

James Bridge Aqueduct

James Bridge Aqueduct
Walsall Canal - Wednesbury

A listed structure, completed in 1799 which continues to carry the Walsall Canal, now reduced to a barely navigable ditch.

I have a particular affection for aqueducts which carry canals over water. Strictly speaking this is a road aqueduct, and probably a defunct railway line (now a footpath). However, at the time of my visit the heavens had opened all night and the road was completely flooded.
Boy racers were making the most of the flood, driving through a massive speed and throwing up a huge splash - or maybe they were trying to soak the mad twonk who was trying to take photos.... who knows!

Not a common view of this aqueduct, the only one on the Walsall canal, but interesting none the less. The twin brick arches are unique to the region.

All photos are from the captain's own collection - June 09


  1. The Walsall Canal is not "now reduced to a barely navigable ditch". It is navigable and is at this present time being dredged making it even more navigable!! Don't be put off by this comment - see for yourself

  2. Brenda
    A reasonably accurate comment 3 years ago but things are much better now, as you point out. I will be back on the Walsall this summer as part of the Marathon Challenge - and helping clean it out in late April.