Thursday, 24 March 2011

I havnt forgotten this blog!

Dormant but not forgotten
March 2011

I take a perverse pride in the fact that I maintain two blog sites, one which is very popular (Captain Ahab's Watery Tales) and then there is this one - a backwater which attracts few visitors.

It is a site for real boating anoraks, the sort who were we into trains, would be found on the end of windswept platforms collecting loco numbers.

It is a labour of love, collecting aqueduct photos whenever I chance upon them. I did give it a kick start by using images available on the web, but I am now content to bide my time and post views of then as I come across them, or when fellow boaters send me an image.

This will never be a finished work because there are always more to find. The thing is that I only find them when I am cruising and that means the summer months.