Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Nantwich Aqueduct

Nantwich Aqueduct
Shropshire Union Canal

A late Thomas Telford aqueduct spanning the main road to the west out of Nantwich. This cast iron structure comprises five panels with an arch, constructed in 1826 and now a grade two listed structure.
The relative late construction date has resulted in something which looks more like a railway bridge and you could be forgiven for failing to recognise it as an aqueduct, were it not for the copious leaks now apparent through the abutments.

This aqueduct forms one of a family set of three, with the others being over the A5 at Stretton and at Congleton on the Macclesfield.

This aqueduct has a headroom of 4.6m, spanning a gap 8.8m using 1.8m square cast iron plates bolted together.