Saturday, 9 January 2010

Sedgewick Aqueduct

Sedgewick Aqueduct
Lancaster Canal
Jan 2010

With winter upon us it is becoming more difficult to collect aqueduct photo's.

Luckily, some of my boating friends are out and about and Jim of nb Starcross came across the magnificent Sedgewick Aqueduct in Cumbria. This aqueduct has been lovingly restored but as it sits on the disconnected northern section few boaters will have seen it.

Sedgewick Aqueduct

I have been saving the many aqueducts of the Lancaster Canal for a special occasion, but as Jim so obligingly posted a particularly good image of it in the snow, it seemed appropriate to add it to the blog sooner rather than later.

Thanks Jim.

Market Drayton Aqueduct

Market Drayton Aqueduct
Shropshire Union
9th January 2010

Its nice to have fellow bloggers out there thinking about me.

Adam from nb Debdale managed to squeeze in a short festive cruise, just before the ice of January 2010 closed in seriously. In fact, he returned to his Norbury base on the last day cruising was possible.

Whilst he was out on the Shropshire Union he stopped at Market Drayton just long enough to grrab a photo of its aqueduct, which is built in the stone style so typical of the area.

Thanks Adam.