Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Wootton Wawen

Wootton Wawen
Stratford Canal
2 June 2009

First up, its pronounced "Woat'n worn".

This aqueduct is a mini version of the Edstone, wi
th the same style of cast iron trough carrying the canal 30 yards across the A3400, originally on two spans, but now with three brick piers and the towpath being an extension of the baseplate.


A large plaque on the side tells us that it was built in 1813 by W Whitmore (engineer). The aqueduct has stood the test of time but it's limited 4.4m headroom has been insuffiicient on many occasions and the structure has undergone numerous alterations to rectify damage suffered.

www.stratfordcanalsociety.org.uk - scene from 1953

The structure stands beside a large basin which currently hosts an Anglo Welsh hire base, who undertake pump outs when boats are stationery on the aqueduct, much to the irritation of any other passing water traffic.

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