Sunday, 21 June 2009

Piercy Aqueduct, Hamstead

Piercy Aqueduct
Tame Valley Canal

This is a 1913 view of the Piercy Aqueduct, one of the last built, in 1844 carrying the Tame Valley Canal over the Old Walsall at Hamstead, Birmingham.

Note the deserted road with just the photographers car in view. This image was taken by the elusive Mr H R Hodgkinson, who was a prolific photographer and local historian with a particular interest in the BCN.

Ten points if you can recognise the politician on the hoarding!

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  1. I was born at 96 Old Walsall Road, just out of view, right, of the aquaduct. I remember the lights being fixed, one was directly outside my Aunts bedroom.
    My uncles' swam in the canal, there was a path leading up to it behind the houses. I tried to access it a few years ago but it is blocked off now, access being further along beyond Spouthouse Lane.