Friday, 31 July 2009

River Trent Aqueduct(s) - Great Haywood

River Trent Aqueduct(s) - Great Haywood
Staffs and Worcester Canal

I just knew what this one would look like before I wormed my way around the end of the balustrade and down onto the adjoining field.

It's a Brindley canal so it had to be a low slung heavy masonry aqueduct with multiple arches to accommodate the erratic water flows of the upper River Trent. Whilst it isn't immediately apparent, this aqueduct has four arches, with the outer two largely obscured by vegitation.

And so it was - a classic!
But that's no all. No there's more.

At Great Haywood there is not one aqueduct but two. Very close to the main river aqueduct there is a second narrows which carries the canal over a single arched aqueduct beneath which lies the remains of the old millstream. The mill building remains, but the pools, weirs and streams have all been built over and from the upstream side only a sliver of water is visible behind a security fence.

All photos are from the Captians personal collection - July 09

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