Friday, 31 July 2009

Deptmore Lock Sump Aqueduct

Deptmore Lock Sump Aqueduct
Staffs and Worcester Canal

I was sitting at the foot of Deptmore Lock, reading a copy of Canals and Rivers (thin on content) waiting for an oncoming boat to pass through when I saw it. A low brick wall beside me, so I hopped off the stern and leaned over for a look.

Bingo - an aqueduct. So I hauled myself over the fence and slithered over a very muddy meadow to get a photo.

Photo is from the Captian's personal collection - July 09
I am not sure I should really include this as an aqueduct as it is more of a culvert really and passable only with the aid of an aqualung. However, it is interesting because it carries a flowing stream the surface of which is below the surface of the canal but higher than the canal bed. The solution appears to have been to create a U shaped sump with a fairly large brick arch into which the water flows on the western side and then wells up again on he east.

It's a good job this structure was well made because it must be the devils own job to fix or repair. I suspect that this structure has been quietly going about its business for over 200 years.

I wonder what BW would do if it got blocked - call in Dyno-Rod?

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