Thursday, 18 February 2010

River Gwendraeth Aqueduct

River Gwendraeth Aqueduct
Kidwelly and Llanelly Canal
February 2010

Thank goodness for boating friends, thats what I say!

River Gwendreath Aqueduct

These long winter months offer little scope for collecting new aqueducts, but my friends out there know of my interest and from time to time they post a photo for my collection.

So, today I was delighted to spy a photo by Jim of nb Starcross, taken in 1972 and no doubt one of his recent transparency conversions.

The image is of the aqueduct over the River Gwendereath  Gwendraeth (sorry Jim - I'm not good at Welsh names), constructed in 1815 to carry the Kidwelly and Llanelly Canal, a later extension of the earlier Kymers Canal (1766) in West Wales.

These are probably some of the finest aqueduct photo's in my collection, not because of their photographic quality or for the brilliance of the construction, more for their utter obscurity.

Without friends like Jim I dont see how I would ever stumble across aqueducts like this one.

For a fuller history click on the above link to the Starcross blogsite.


  1. Andy,
    Glad to see you've made use of my photo. By the way - its "Gwendraeth" for the valley and the aqueduct and "Gwendreath" for the replacing railway. (Ironically, you've repeated the spelling error made in the railway Act of Parliament). It does help to be born in Wales!

  2. Jim
    Duly corrected - I plead ignorance of Welsh spelling which is very compllicated!