Saturday, 9 January 2010

Sedgewick Aqueduct

Sedgewick Aqueduct
Lancaster Canal
Jan 2010

With winter upon us it is becoming more difficult to collect aqueduct photo's.

Luckily, some of my boating friends are out and about and Jim of nb Starcross came across the magnificent Sedgewick Aqueduct in Cumbria. This aqueduct has been lovingly restored but as it sits on the disconnected northern section few boaters will have seen it.

Sedgewick Aqueduct

I have been saving the many aqueducts of the Lancaster Canal for a special occasion, but as Jim so obligingly posted a particularly good image of it in the snow, it seemed appropriate to add it to the blog sooner rather than later.

Thanks Jim.

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  1. Damn. Everytime I see what's at the top of this structure my heart fills with sadness, to know such a wonderful waterway was simply 'drained' (not even infilled for the most part!). What a shame that lining pockets rather than seeing boats once more arriving at Kendal keeps the navigation head at Tewitfield. I grew up around this area, it is the dream of most people I know to see what must be one of the most beautiful stretches of inland waterway to be restored. Anyway, just glad to know you have seen what it could be one day.