Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Tividale Aqueduct - BCN

Tividale Aqueduct
Netherton Branch and Old Main Line

A brick built grade two listed aqueduct, constructed @1890 to carry Brindley's Old main Line over the new Netherton Branch access route into the Netherton Tunnel (const 1858).

Captain Ahab's collection

This another of those rare beasts which carries a canal over another canal.

Tividale Aqueduct from the Netherton side, showing the turbine pipes.

Captain Ahabs Collection

An unusual feature of this aqueduct are the steel pipes coming out of the side. These fed water into an electrical turbine located in the hut at the bottom, which in turn fed power into the Nethertion Tunnel to provide illumination. The concept of electrical generation on the canals in nothing new!

The elongated island in which the central pier stands also served as a toll collection station, with the passing boats being gauged as they passed through the narrows.

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