Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Bollin Aqueduct

Bollin Aqueduct
Bridgewater Canal

This may not be the most spectacular aqueduct, built to carry the Bridgewater Canal over the river Bollin, but it certainly has some contemporary history.

In 1971 the canal breached the embankment beside the aqueduct, gouging a 90 foot ravine through theembankment to reach the river 34 feet below.

The repairs cost £250,000 and resulted in a major rumpus about who was liable. Manchester Ship Canal (owners of the canal) were within thier rights to abandon the canal, or pipe the water over the breach, but in the end a consortium of interested partied formed a trust to operate the waterway and the breach was fixed. The waterway was reopened to through traffic in September 1973.

There isnt much to see on the ground now except a long concrete narrows, which bridges the site of the breach.

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