Sunday, 31 May 2009

Brindley Bank Aqueduct (Rugeley)

Brindley Bank Aqueduct
Trent and Mersey Canal
Rugeley, Staffs.

Another typical Brindley aqueduct, squat and solid, capable of supporting the masonry, water and the considerable about of puddle clay needed to line its double width channel.

This aqueduct crosses the upper reaches of the River Trent on four low arches, turning at right angles from the line of the contour canal, instead of a squewed structure which would align better. At the time that this structure was erected, skewed arches has not been perfected, so Brindley opted for his tried and tested approach, even in this did mean boats having to perform gymnastics to get onto its southern end.

This aqueduct was photographed by the Captian in May 2009, during one of his kayaking expeditions with Royal Sutton Coldfield Canoe Club - covering waters other boaters would even consider exploring!

There is an excellent put in / out point just upstream on the aqueduct. Out, if you have travelled down river from Great Haywood and in if you are planning a trip downriver to the footbridge at Armitage.
Wether this aqueduct marks the upstream or downstream limit of your canoe trip, the proximity of the river and canal make for a number of excellent circular trips.

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